Clarity to insurances and what’s the difference between Vision and Medical insurance..

Many patients have vision insurance and medical.

What it means to have Vision insurance is it covers a routine eye exam with a refractive diagnosis for example myopia , presbyopia, astigmatism.

In short Vision insurance care whether you see or not. In other words blurred vision that can be corrected by glasses or contacts is a visual insurance diagnosis.

Any condition that is not refractive (myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia) are viewed and billed as MEDICAL .

Medical insurances cover anything with a medical diagnosis. For example, glaucoma , diabetes , eye infection, dry eyes etc.

Medical insurances takes care of blurred vision that is caused by a medical eye diagnosis, from dry eyes to glaucoma to diabetic retinopathy to cataracts, all are considered medical conditions.

Our office is has the latest in eye care to catch early signs of diseases to keep you seeing. We then communicate our findings to you and if further attention is needed, we will guide you accordingly.
It’s a journey we take together with you.

Our goal is to keep you seeing and caring for you with your best interest in the forefront of our minds.

If you do not have medical insurance or if you do and / or have not met your deductible, the exam fee will be based upon the complexity of the exam or diagnosis and any additional testing needed to arrive at the treatment plan. We will inform you of our findings as we move through the exam and discuss additional fees of any additional testing is needed.

Below is a list of vision insurance plans that we accept. If your plan is not listed, please call us at (954) 845-0665 and ask because we may accept it.