Here at 2020 Vision Place, we are proud to help our patients who develop diabetic retinopathy along with working side by side with their primary care physician.

Diabetes comes with a lot of other problems that affect your whole body. Even your eyes can be affected by the disease. In fact, this is so common that it actually has a name: diabetic retinopathy.

Diabetic retinopathy is a disease of the retina. Your retina is necessary to transfer everything that your eyes see to your brain.

Diabetic retinopathy usually continues to get worse, especially if your diabetes is not under control. Still though, it can get worse even with controlled diabetes. For this reason, we recommend having regular checkups so that we can monitor your eyes. During the progression of the disease, you may not even notice any symptoms, which makes coming in regularly even more important.

The first stage of the disease involves the blood vessels in your eyes. They get really weak and leak blood into your eyes. If the leaking continues and leaks into the center of your eye, you will have blurry vision. Your body will try to compensate by making new blood vessels, but they will also be weak and leak more blood into your eye. Your body might also try to form scar tissue, which causes the retina to move away from your eyes and can lead to legal blindness.

If you have diabetes and would like to have your eyes examined, feel free to contact us today at (954) 845-0665.